الاثنين، 8 أغسطس 2011

It's the parents mistake!

Yeah and the parents to blame how they raised these people!

The other day i was watching GAGS, the act was in the gas station, whenever someone stops his car to fill it with fuel, a person comes and starts washing the car with soup and stuff and he starts with the front windows...

At the beginning i was laughing how people reacted then i stopped and started thinking that i might laugh about our society instead! and that was not something funny at all, it was a valuable lesson that we should learn, they should show that scene as a (learn how to have basic manners)

If this trick happened in any Arab country, the least thing the driver is going to do is cursing, i'm so sure that many people will get off the car and start fighting with their hands and legs punching and kicking, and i'm so sure that you all agree with me!

Because this is how we were RAISED this is our CULTURAL, it's not a rageaholic issue, it's how we were raised!

Back to the GAGS, people reacted peacefully, respectfully, they were talking to the guy asking him to stop what he's doing, no one even stepped out of his car except one person (out of more than 10 people)!

So yes, 1000% we have serious issues in how we were raised.

And NO i'm not generalizing, when something is very common we don't have to say (some) and we don't have to say (yeah no all but more than 99%)

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