الخميس، 3 يناير 2013

Fear of driving in Kuwait

During my 8 years of driving back in Jordan i had just one accident, the signal was red i stopped started playing with my radio, everything was perfect until suddenly a taxi hit me from the back! out of the blue he came and hit me, the driver came to me apologizing he said he had a big fight with his wife and he was not paying attention to the signal or anything.

In Kuwait in the past two years i had 2 accidents, one time i was in the far left and a car came out of an off desert road invaded the street moved straight from the desert crossing 1st, 2nd and hitting me in the 3rd lane... the other accident was at morning the traffic was fine suddenly one idiot completely stopped his car, some one hit him from the back, then third car stopped at the right time and i was the 4th car, received the worst damage, even i was going at max 50KM/h the airbag opened front glass completely damaged, radiator, left light, motor fan and many more things were broken...

Aside from my accidents, every day whenever someone want to pass by me, and for any tiny reason he got mad, it's very common that he will give me that look, or maybe even drive in front of me and start hitting breaks suddenly so that i lose control!

Recently i've developed a fear of driving it really scares me a lot when someone comes so close to me, i feel that my break lights are not on, and he's gonna hit me, i try my best to keep at least 5 meters between my car and the one in front of me, but cars behind me won't wait they'll come so close to me, and sometimes it's really hard (being in a heavily traffic street) it's really hard to move to the right and let them pass....

My fear was developed over time, many events effected me, the most recent one was last month, a guy was killed in PUBLIC and in the biggest mall in Kuwait (The Avenues) because he A:MOST caused an accident ALMOST nothing happened no damage was done ALMOST an accident...the guys followed him from the freeway to the mall, went to Carrefour bought some knives and stabbed him...1 hour later he was announced dead.

All above is really almost pushing me to the cliff, i am afraid that someday i'm gonna die in an accident caused by someone else not me, i really should start thinking about consulting a professional help to at least remove the fear in my eyes while driving.

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