الأحد، 24 فبراير 2013

My seafood experience

From time to time we have to go WILD and try new things...we might regret that adventure and we might not, in fact this adventure can open up new things to try further...
Let's face it I'm an adventurer in food and in new things in general....i don't like fishes....i don't know how to swim but im not afraid of water i don't know what does all this have to do with #seafood but i admit it, i officially hate seafood.
Today i went to Nokhatheh النوخذة my wife loves seafood but there are many things she never tried before so i thought....hmm lets go there for her, how bad would seafood be for me? For sure I'll love something!
So we went there and it was open buffet so we eat....result?....let's just say that when i arrived home i prepared noodles!!! Fishes were everwhere tuna salamon were swimming even in the salads the only buffet counter that didn't have some sea animal was the deserts counter which by the way was not even rich!
My wife felt really bad for me, and i can tell that she was not happy seeing me trying to eat some Taboleh anf Hummos...but well, i don't regret it and im sure she loved it after all.
This is a bad experience for me, but rest assured guys I'll stay adventurer no matter how bad the results were, coz simply this is who i am :)

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