الأحد، 20 يناير 2013

I hate my Birthday

Yes you read it right, 1 more year have passed, two years ago i was able to say i'm in my T weenies' ..now i'm officially in my thirties' ~sign~

I just can't resist growing old, and to top it up, i have a bad memory, i really don't remember much things about my life, not to go far, for my weeding (which was 3 years ago) i can't remember everything! even my wife sometimes tells me about stuff that happened in that day and i can't remember it, so growing old means:

- More and more forgetting about special events in my life.

- The "Shame List" is growing bigger and bigger, now i can't act like 20 years old, saying that i still play video games will make people think i'm too old for that...video games are not for kids anymore wake up people! i won't buy Rayyan a PS3 or PS4 EVER, only Wii let him play something suitable for his age...no one will be convinced with this, so 5alas i have to let it go...or at least hide the fact that i still play video games!

- More responsibilities, at work at home everywhere...everybody is expecting something wise from me, i don't mind giving my opinion on stuff but i'm not wikipedia..

-I'm not one of the three little kids anymore, here's the thing:
My parents had 4 kids in a row (with 1 - 2 years difference)
then they took a break for 6 years.
then again 2 kids came with (1 year age difference)
then break for 8 years
the my sister, me, and my last sister came to life with 2 years difference between each and everyone of us.

we were always referred to as (the three little kids = التلاته الصغار) but apparently no one will ever call me that anymore ...

- I'm 1 year closer to death, nothing is grantee in this life, i pray on time, i stay away from bad forbidden things, but you never know i might just end up in hell after all :( not to mention imagining how i will not be there for my kids for the rest of their lifes (i know...i know i'm being silly ...let me say whatever i want this is my day after all!)

- My goals are not achieved, yup i am aiming very high, will never be satisfied i know...this feeling motivates me to work harder rather than pushing me down, but i have to mention this as one of my fears.

Ohh well...after all this...Happy Birthday to me

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