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My Alghanim Xcite shopping experience!

If you can not keep your quality with high demand then your service is bad no matter how big you are!

This sum up my previous experience with Xcite Al Ghanim! I am a long time customer 1st time complainer!

I went to Al Rai branch to buy the following:
1. Dishwasher and dryer with a stand.
Here's what happened:
A. Salesman said they will deliver in 5 days.
B. I got a call next day to take the exact direction of my house and told me this call is just confirmation, and they will deliver within 72 hours.
C. The same day
(approximately after 3 hours of the previous morning call) i got a call from the driver saying he's near my house with the dishwasher!!!! I gave him description again and rushed to call my wife to get dressed as the delivery was around 10 min. From my house.

D. They came, put the dishwasher, my wife asked him to connect the filter, turn it on to test it he said it'll cost 10kd so she thanked him because it's too damn expensive! She asked about tge stand and the driver said he doesn't have it maybe the stand will be delivered by other driver!!!! Does this make any sense in the whole world!!!!

E. I called the driver and asked him why he didn't connect it, he said if you want i will go back and do it for 5KD! How did the price move from 10kd to 5kd i have no idea! Of course i won't pay 5 for simple task, the main reason i called him is to double check on the stand, he assured me that the stand should arrive sometime soon with other driver.

F. I went to the customer care and complained, the guy took my details and told me they will send someone and he will tell them to connect the machine.

G. They came with a smaller stand! They put my washing machine on it and it is not even properly standing, the door shuts by itself because its not standing evenly here's how it looks.

2. Android Tv device, which i wrote a long review about it here... I don't have to repeat my self here, the staff doesn't know what does this thing do, they need proper training AND they need to test before selling this is what's called QUALITY CONTROL!

3. Oil Heater: i bought 2, both are Wansa, 1 is working perfectly (thank god and i guess it's working perfectly purely by chance!) The other one makes an oil sound, and the fan is making a huge noise! I went to buy a cover for my dishwasher and asked about my problem they told me bring it we will fix it!

4. Cooler: 1st there was no manual!!!! Seriously how is that possible! I know it doesn't need to install or anything but there's got to be any instructions or welcome thing!

2nd the cooler didn't work! I checked everything and everywhere nothing wrong! Then i unscrew the plug replaced the fuse and it's working! In God's name how did that happen!!!

3rd the water is tasty, it got the un-pure taste like it's mixed with plastic i checked today with the staff and they told me i need to bring it for checking!!!!

5. Dishwasher cover...
Well, i will let you see the pictures and judge whether or not what's inside is the same like the picture :this is the cover/product picture
 And this is the product inside:
Now here's the best part:
I took this from Fahaheel showroom,i took the salesman to the same washing machine i bought and told him i want cover for this exact machine! He guided me to this cover and i asked him how to use it he said it's easily just a zipper! As you can see it's not zipper! And it doesn't even look like the display! No plastic cover for the machine display! Ohh my god do these salesmen even know what they're talking about?!?! Now i have to go again to exchange it!

My issues are not solved yet I'm writing this blogpost only for the record, i have dealt with Al Rai, Hawally, and Fahaheel showrooms! I have dealt with salesmen from all these mentuoned showrooms, i have dealt with 2 drivers, 1 delivery operator, i have dealt with 1 customer care representative.... I have done a full purchasing cycle, i bought heavy big home machines and small tiny things and accessories too! This review sum up everything with a 1 out of 10 for overall experience (the one point was given ONLY because of that installment Egyptian guy Khalid he was so professional and helpful, he's in Al Rai shoroom thanks for him only!

Please guys think about any other alternative when buying your electronics cause AlGhanim doesn't have the same high quality of service as it was before, my next step is:
Return the dishwasher cover.
Exchange the water filter.
Exchange the dishwasher stand.
Exchange the Oil Heater.

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