الاثنين، 20 يناير 2014

I'm not getting older, i'm getting happier!

Man landed on the moon in 1969...
then in 1973 man landed again on the moon...
then nothing happened, the whole world had no further surprises
until exactly 20th of January 1982!
on the day I was born :D

unlike the past 10 years this time I am really happy for my Birthday!
my birthday isn't the saddest day of the year anymore!
being positive looking around my self, what I have currently, what I'm about to have, it's all what any person dream of! thank god I have whatever I have, I will always be grateful for every little thing in my life.

Reaching age of 32 now, have made me realize that my life JUST got started! and life is really so short to live it being sad that I'm growing up, well, I'm not anymore! since I got married I used to tell my wife that I can imagine us both old couple where our children's have married and we are still holding hands and still as romance as we were, and will always be! I will keep that image in my mind, I will always keep picturing Dr./Developer Rayyan or whatever he wants to be as my best friend....The Zaghloul Team we are now! and Taleen, you're the sweetest thing in my whole life, there's a special place for my lovely daughter in my heart that no one can reach, you will always be in that special place! May Allah protect you both and give me the strength and the knowledge to be the best father.

Unfortunately, I didn't spend a lot of time with my father, he passed away when I was just 16, visiting his grave every time I go Jordan, and all the prayers I'm sending to him can really express how sad I am for losing him, that he never got to see my kids, he never got to see my high school grade, my university degree, may his soul rest in peace. and my lovely mother, you are the light of my life, without your prayers, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have achieved anything in my whole life, may Allah give you the strength and take away any pain or sickness, and one last thing to you mom, being away from you in Kuwait will only increase your love, you will always be with me in every step of my life.

among all my brothers and sister, I miss the old days, ranking number 7 in the family had made the age difference a bit of too much, but you all have nothing but love in my heart, and I would like to thank Refaat (the middle brother in my family) of course all that to Allah, but without someone's taking the father responsibility in the family, the family would have collapsed for sure, your emotional unquestioned support means a lot to each and every member of the Fares Zaghloul family, your generous financial support is the reason we are where we are now, may Allah reward you the best inshallah.

Thanks for all my friends, people who I met in real life and all Social friends, I'm so thankful for being a part of my life...

and lastly, Happy Birthday to Myself! for the first time! I'm happy in my birthday!

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